CSR Hydro Conduit Automated Concrete Pipe Plant
Miami, FL

This three building prototypical plant was designed and constructed to improve product quality and substantially lower manufacturing costs. It consists of two pre-engineered buildings with an area of 84,000 square feet and one 6,000 square foot reinforced masonry one story administration building. AFCO worked with Rinker and the Architect of Record to redesign the machinery pits and save CSR Rinker in excess of $400,000.
Client Testimonial – ”My colleagues here at PBS&J want you to know how much we appreciated your firm’s efforts in the construction of CSR Rinker’s new Automated Concrete Plant in Miami…You built the project to a very high standard of quality. The Owner has told us that they are very happy with the results.” -John F. Furguson, AIA, Project Manager